ADWEKO impairment solution

With the ADWEKO impairment solution, you receive a lean, precisely tailored calculation of the risk provision for your portfolio that integrates seamlessly into your infrastructure. The data is read from your SAP FAM system into the add-on, the impairment level and risk provisioning are calculated and temporarily stored and only then passed on for posting in the SAP standard. All steps and actions can be carried out conveniently via an intuitive user interface.


  • Rely on preconfigured risk calculation according to IFRS9

  • Use your existing SAP ERP system landscape without additional investment in hardware

  • Only pay for the range of functions that you need


  • Preconfigured IFRS9 functionality
  • Process monitor for cross-departmental collaboration
  • Test reports to check the plausibility of the determined impairment level and risk provisioning

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  • ADWEKO impairment solution