ADWEKO is your supplier of smart SAP and non-SAP add-ons to solve the challenges of the financial services industry.

We provide banks and insurance companies with solutions for optimizing the implementation, testing and operation of SAP systems as well as solutions for numerous technical problems resulting from the legal requirements of regulatory reporting and regulation.

Our add-ons contain our comprehensive know-how, are intuitive to use, quickly implemented and do not require any additional hardware.

Creation of Test Data

Error analysis of processes

Process configuration and monitoring

Impairment according IFRS 9

Fast Implementation of Enhancements

Comparison of results in regression tests

ADWEKO AnaCredit Analytics

Our Competence

The Software Solutions division combines our development expertise in technologies and processes with outstanding banking expertise. Our Solution Architects each have more than 15 years of relevant project and professional experience in application development for Financial Services. Our solutions are practically oriented and mostly developed as co-innovation together with our customers. In addition, as an SAP development partner, we also take on SAP custom development projects (SAP CDP) and are in close coordination with the latest developments, such as SAP FSDP, in order to be able to offer future-oriented solutions.

"Solving a problem means getting rid of the problem"

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


Implementation of Expected Credit Loss (ECL) calculation

ADWEKO assists the Münchener Hypothekenbank in the conception and technical implementation of the ECL calculation.

ADWEKO act at Nord/LB

ADWEKO act serves at Nord/LB as a basis for efficient tests within the framework of the introduction of the AFI subledger scenario.

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