Software Solutions


ADWEKO offers smart add-ons to solve the challenges of the financial services industry.

Software Development

Application knowledge, technology and quality optimally combined in your own application. Where standard programs are oversized or not suitable for existing IT environments, individual applications are the best solution.

Software Services

Excellent software alone is not a solution. Only through professional implementation and integration into IT and business processes will this become a solution. Our portfolio of software services unleashes the full potential of your solution and maintains it permanently.


Implementation of Expected Credit Loss (ECL) calculation

ADWEKO assists the Münchener Hypothekenbank in the conception and technical implementation of the ECL calculation.

Web-based analysis tool for investment funds

ADWEKO supports the NBank with the help of a web-based analysis and reporting application in presenting the performance of the Mikromezzaninfonds...

ADWEKO test data generator at Nord/LB

ADWEKO test data generator serves at Nord/LB as a basis for efficient tests within the framework of the introduction of the AFI subledger scenario.

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