Application Management Services

We support complex and critical applications safely, reliably and with the highest level of expertise and develop them further in a proactive and future-proof manner. We tailor our services specifically to customer requirements and can adapt them to the general conditions over the entire duration of the contract.

Application Management Consulting

Reduced costs as well as satisfied users are the result of an ideal service organization and efficient processes. Here, we help you with our application management to excellence method. With our broad experience, we advise you on several topics – from ITSM alignment to operative optimization of service processes.

  • Broad experience with the optimization of support organizations and processes
  • Structured and efficient approach through AM-to-Excellence method
  • Optimized support organization through structured approach and clearly formulated recommendations for action
  • Guarantee for efficient service processes and a flexible service organization

Application Management Delivery Services

You can focus on your core business, while we focus on your stable applications – 24/7. With our problem-solving expertise, we take over the responsibility for the operations and maintenance of your applications at transparent costs and flexible service delivery.

  • ITIL based services with binding SLAs for a reliable solution and stable applications
  • Focus on the reliable solution finding with efficient service processes
  • Integrated cooperation model, international cost-efficient delivery for cost-efficient solutions
  • Flexible delivery and customized contract drafting
  • Proactive, continuing further development to ensure future sustainability of your applications
  • Customized delivery model to ensure alignment of all business requirements
  • Customized line support

Application Operation Services

Application Operation Services provides a stable system platform and ensures continuous monitoring of all relevant system parameters. In addition, we ensure reliable data loading of your applications. Through the use of our nearshore at our location in Hungary, we provide these services cost-efficiently and in the usual quality in German-speaking countries.

  • Data Load Management
  • Job chain control
  • Job monitoring
  • System parameters monitoring and optimization

Technical Software Support

In case of technical problems with software products of our partners Pitney Bowes and CompoVerso our qualified support team is at your disposal and accompanies you with your request up to finding a solution.

Currently we offer technical support for the following products:

  • Pitney Bowes: Spectrum Technology Platform
  • CompoVerso: Camunda Booster Package

ADWEKO Factory Model

Sustainable approach to SAP platform maintenance for banks and insurance companies

  • Optimisation of the cost situation by using favourable delivery locations combined with best know-how
  • Increased production level through SCRUM methodology
  • Experienced & first-class technical experts without costs for on-site consultation
  • Flexible support that optimally expands or decreases throughout the process
  • Successfully deployed by a number of financial institutions around the world


Successful deployment of the ADWEKO Factory Model fort the maintenance and adjustment of SAP smart AFI

Since October 2018, together with EY we support an international US online payment service in all matters relating to the accounting solution SAP...

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