SAP S/4HANA for financial products subledger (FPSL)

SAP S/4HANA for financial products subledger (SAP FPSL) is a further development of SAP's successful Bank Analyzer and fully includes enterprise management software for mapping the subledger in the company.

As an SAP Gold Partner and expert in the financial services industry, ADWEKO advises and supports you in the successful conception, development and implementation of SAP FPSL and enables efficient use of SAP's innovative best-in-class solution.

  • Analysis & Design

    Analysis of the finance environment and design of a FPSL finance concept

  • Implementation

    Implementation of the central financial software FPSL Finance

  • Integration

    Integration of the central subsidiary ledger FPSL in S/4HANA Finance

Implementation of SAP FPSL

SAP FPSL is a MULTI-GAAP capable subledger and can be fully integrated into S/4HANA. Thus, among other things, cash flow-based financial transactions can be displayed securely and efficiently. In addition to multi-currency accounting, the solution also offers lot accounting and hedge accounting, a fair value engine, as well as other subledger components.

ADWEKO supports you in the future-proof new conception, migration and implementation of SAP FPSL into your existing or future IT architecture:

  • Introduction of the central financial subledger tool FPSL
  • Design and implementation of a complete finance platform with SAP S/4HANA and FSDP for the most efficient use of SAP S/4HANA Finance and FPSL
  • Implementation and integration of SAP S/4HANA for financial products subledger (FPSL) in S/4HANA Finance

Multi Currency Accounting

SAP FPSL enables multi-currency accounting and multi-GAAP accounting based on cash flow-based financial transactions. ADWEKO helps you to reduce both closing and change times and shows you ways to take advantage of the new possibilities of continuous accounting in your company.

  • Fast and efficient monthly, quarterly or annual financial statements (hard close)
  • Redundancy-free balancing

Migration from Classic AFI to SAP FPSL

2025 the SAP Bank Analyzer runs out of maintenance and thus also the Classic AFI. With SAP S/4HANA for financial products subledger (SAP FPSL), SAP has already introduced the successor product for efficient subledger accounting for financial products. ADWEKO advises you at an early stage and supports you with the forthcoming migration from Classic AFI to SAP FPSL.

  • Business and technical analysis with the help of a preliminary study
  • Fast introduction to implementation and testing through methodical tool support

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