SAP Financial Services Data Platform

SAP Financial Services Data Platform (SAP FSDP) is a new development based on HANA 2 and XSA. It consists of the HANA Data Management Suite, the SAP Power Designer and the Financial Data Services Data Management (FSDM) module. As Partner for SAP FSDP and with best-practice solutions, we ensure the successful implementation of SAP FSDP and its efficient use.

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Target architecture and embedding in system landscape

SAP FSDP consists of the HANA Data Management Suite, the SAP Power Designer and the Financial Data Services Data Management (FSDM) module.

With the HANA Data Management Suite the most modern methods of data provision and application development of SAP can be used. However, challenges arise to integrate FSDP and the required components into the enterprise infrastructure and internal processes. This applies in particular to customers who previously mainly used SAP NetWeaver applications.

ADWEKO supports you in making promising and sustainable decisions in the area of architecture and infrastructure.

Practical use of the reference data model

SAP delivers a standard data model as a reference. This consists of a conceptual data model (CDM) and a physical data model (PDM). The reference data model offers the advantage of being able to draw on SAP's experience in financial service data modeling. There is no need to model your own data model on the drawing board. In addition, the standard model can be customized with enhancements.

However, ADWEKO recommends - as far as possible - using the entities of the standard. This has decisive advantages such as:

  • Largest possible standard integration with SAP applications and third-party solutions
  • TCO savings in the development and maintenance of a customer-specific data model

With many years of experience in SAP Financial Services and outstanding expertise in accounting and reporting, ADWEKO supports you in mapping the customer's entities and data points to the SAP reference model as well as in the connection of accepting systems.


The Financial Service Data Platform is an integrative data platform. Once the source data has been mapped to the FSDM data model, it must be loaded with the specific interfaces to ensure bi-temporal versioning. For this it is necessary to connect the data sources to the HANA database.

With years of expertise in connecting and integrating source data, ADWEKO supports you in the selection of the right tools, the architecture of the ETL process and the implementation and operation of data loading.

The following overview provides a selection of possible target architectures and techniques for data integration in FSDP:

Apache Kafka

  • The "state of the art" open source solution to manage data streams
  • Implementation of streaming or batch loading with the help of Kafka and complementary tools such as Kafka Streams or Spark
  • Embedding in a Hadoop Data Lake possible

Smart Data Access and Smart Data Integration

  • SAP HANA native tools for data integration from external sources
  • SAP HANA flowgraphs or SQL procedures offer the possibility for data transformation and integration of the write interfaces of SAP FSDM
  • SAP HANA task chains offer the possibility to define dependencies on individual data loading processes, which can be controlled and scheduled with the SAP HANA task chain monitor

SAP Data Hub

  • SAP's data integration platform of the future
  • Connection of external systems and execution of individual scripts via graphical data pipelines
  • Versatile adapters and interfaces to common SAP and non-SAP data sources

Dedicated ETL tools

  • Tools such as Informatica, Talend or customer developments offer proven ETL processes and are often already used in existing system landscapes
  • These tools can be adapted to the FSDM specific transformations
  • In the last step, the HANA native FSDM dateload functions must be called



FSDM Reporting

With the possibilities of SAP HANA 2, data from SAP FSDM can be prepared, aggregated and processed according to customer-specific requirements. We recommend the use of graphical modeling tools, such as calculation views, to create multidimensional reporting solutions very easily.

ADWEKO supports you in recording the reporting requirements and implements them with the appropriate HANA technologies.

SAP Analytics Cloud and FSDM

At the heart of the SAP Business Intelligence and Data Analysis strategy, everything is moving toward cloud-based solutions with the SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC).

Through the standardized integration of SAC in FSDP and the simple use of FSDM data sources in SAC, real-time analysis and visualization tools for business departments or IT operations can be set up in the shortest possible time. This is all the more important as FSDM does not currently have a delivered GUI to view data without SQL knowledge.

ADWEKO introduces you to the possibilities of the SAP Analytics Cloud and implements your SAC integration, analysis and dashboards for FSDM.

Integration of S/4HANA Financial Service Product Subledger in SAP FSDP

The SAP Bank Analyzer solution smartAFI is replaced by the S/4 Add-on Financial Service Product Subledger (SAP FPSL).

In the medium term there will be a seamless integration between FSDM as data source and the FPSL add-on.The advantages of FPSL can be optimally used by the connection to FSDM and data redundancies can be reduced many times over.

ADWEKO analyses with you whether and how the SAP Financial Service Dataplatform can take a central position in your strategy in interaction with FPSL.

SAP Partner

ADWEKO is Partner of SAP for the Financial Service Data Platform (FSDP). In close cooperation with SAP, we ensure that we are informed about the latest developments and trends in this area and that we can exert influence in the interests of our customers:

  • Global implementation of partner enablements for the new data platform together with SAP colleagues
  • Creation of demo content
  • Visualization through dashboards in the SAP Analytics Cloud
  • Questions from implementation projects and concept studies can be discussed unbureaucratically due to the close contacts with the SAP product and development team

We were already able to demonstrate the advantages of this close cooperation in our reference implementation project.


Learn more about the latest FSDP news and trends and read the blog posts from our experts.

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Early mover project with SAP Financial Service Data Model (SAP FSDM)

ADWEKO supports an international universal bank in setting up an integrated control platform based on SAP HANA and SAP FSDM.

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