Data Management

We enable our customers to achieve optimal operation through the use of efficient and innovative data management. We are constantly deepening our many years of expertise by keeping abreast of established and new technological developments.

Our Solutions and Offers

  • Introduction of SAP FSDP
  • SAP FSDM Training
  • Pitney Bowes Spectrum Technology Platform
  • Data Engineering
  • SAP HANA as an innovative data management platform
  • SAP Bank Analyzer / SAP Finance & Risk Data Platform
  • SAP Business Warehouse / SAP Business Objects
  • Data Science and Analytics
  • Process optimization

SAP FSDP Implementation

ADWEKO is SAP's partner for the Go-To-Market of the new financial services data platform SAP FSDP and enables standardized data management based on the latest SAP HANA technology.

  • Practical use of the reference data model
  • Ensuring the benefits through standardized system integration
  • Go-Live in only 4 months possible
  • Training courses for the introduction and use of the technical components of SAP FSDP

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SAP FSDM Training

SAP Financial Services Data Management (FSDM) serves as the basis of the Financial Services Data Platform solution and is not comparable with previous solutions due to the technological realignment resulting from SAP HANA.

With the SAP FSDM training we enable a quick entry into the new solution:

  • Overview of the different SAP software and technology components used at SAP FSDM
  • Basic knowledge in modeling and development of applications in SAP HANA 2 in combination with the SAP FSDM model
  • Consolidation of theoretical knowledge through practical examples and exercises

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Spectrum Technology Platform

As official business partner of Pitney Bowes we offer the complete range of services around the Spectrum Technology Platform. This includes the introduction and operation of Spectrum, but also the migration from the platform Sagent.

  • Project Management (Controlling, Agile, SCRUM)
  • Preliminary analysis and conception
  • Technical preparation
  • Implementation
  • Test & Test Management
  • Go Live
  • Application Management

Data Engineering

With tools like Spark, Kafka and HBase, Apache Hadoop provides the technology to handle Big Data efficiently. ADWEKO supports you with the integration and connection of Hadoop and SAP HANA within your system landscape.

  • Open source industry standard for large data solutions
  • High quality and scalability for the integration of constantly growing amounts of data
  • "Best of both worlds" - Open Source technology in combination with SAP innovations
  • Planning support by ADWEKO experts


ADWEKO supports you in the introduction of SAP HANA and in the migration of your existing systems.

  • Adaptation of existing SAP processes to the new database and performance optimization
  • Adaptation of system parameters to the SAP HANA database
  • Native SAP HANA developments
  • Migration to flat data model
  • Support in overall planning and implementation
  • Execution of technical & functional tests, fault analysis and correction
  • Migration of existing reports to SAP Finance & Risk Data Platform

SAP Business Warehouse

ADWEKO advises and supports customers with the implementation and the operations of complex data warehousing solution based on SAP business warehouse especially in the Non-SAP source system environment.

  • Demonstration of best practices
  • Optimization of ETL processes
  • Reduction of data redundancies

SAP Bank Analyzer / SAP FRDP

The SAP Bank Analyzer provides a harmonized data model, which enables a standardized display of different finance and reporting requirements. ADWEKO supports with the integration and alignment of the data as well as with the adjustment of the data model to the individual customer requirements. The SAP Finance & Risk Data Platform, which is based on the SAP HANA technology, enables an ad hoc access to the data of the SAP BA for reporting and customized analyses.

  • Transmission of regulatory requirements into data models
  • Demonstration of best practices relating to data management (e.g. data integration)
  • Performance optimization in standard and customer applications
  • Customized developments
  • Overall solution for release upgrades
  • Performance of feasibility studies for SAP Finance & Risk Data Platform
  • Development of a reporting strategy based on SAP Finance & Risk Data Platform

Data Science and Analytics

Together with customers ADWEKO develops individual solutions by means of modern machine learning algorithms.

  • New methodologies for the assessment of Big Data to gain new insights
  • Provision of know-how by ADWEKO
  • Hadoop master data management example:
    Assessment of existing data documentation based on AI to derive significant descriptions (tags) for the Data Lake

Process optimization

The digitalization and optimization of processes offers your company the chance to remain future-proof in order to react quickly to changes and new requirements. Together with our partner CompoVerso we support you in your digitization strategy.

  • Analysis of existing processes
  • Process modeling with BPMN 2.0 (Business Process Model and Notation 2.0)
  • Simple interface connection and thus easy integration into the existing system landscape
  • Low code/zero code applications for the configuration of your processes
  • Training of your employees as administrator, developer or user
  • Maintenance tailored to your needs

BI Data Integration

ADWEKO supports you in integrating the latest BI, planning and analytics applications into your system landscape

  • Support in the definition of BI requirements
  • Latest methods for networking and connecting different data sources
  • Standardized data provision with the latest technologies
  • Performance optimization of data flows
  • Examples: SAP FSDM, SAP PaPM, SAP SAC and Qlik

Our Competence

Hardly any other discipline than Data Management experienced more technical progress during the past years. Our Consultants possess a wide and diversified knowledge with already established as well as with innovative technologies. With our long-term experience and the excellent technical expertise we offer our customers best-practice solutions and an overall concept relating to data management. Our close partnerships with the manufacturers such as SAP and Pitney Bowes enable us to integrate Solution Experts selectively and pragmatically at any time.


Release Upgrade SAP Bank Analyzer

ADWEKO takes over the upgrade of the SAP Bank Analyzer 8.0 to 9.0 for an automobile bank

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