Webinar: ADWEKO data warehouse manager for SAP HANA & SAP FSDP 08.07.2020

ADWEKO data warehouse manager for SAP HANA & SAP FSDP - The automated control of data loading in HANA data warehouse with a large case of data quality tools. In our free 45-minute webinar, we will explain the benefits of our new solution and present the demo live! Be curious how easy the connection is and register now!

Duration: 45 minutes

Training form: Webinar

Language: German

Date: Wednesday, 8 July 2020, 4 pm

Our Speakers
Jan Kristof, Senior Manager Software Solutions
Waldemar Fix, Managing Director


  • Management summary
  • System landscape with a complete overview and technical details
  • Live demo

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In times of digital change, competitiveness can only be achieved if business processes are digitalised and modernised. Sustainable and flexible solutions are required. At the same time, the demands on the data warehouse and the associated data quality are also growing. From our project experience we often know the following situation: the data quality is not sufficient, which is why the analytical systems or reporting tools often break down while processing the data.

There are many reasons for incorrect data. However, subsequent error correction is difficult and analytical evaluations are simply not possible, or are based on false foundations. A large part of the errors occur already during the data loading, since the data quality check is often neglected. This means that inspections are often subsequently connected with manual, time-consuming efforts.

Imagine the warehouse managers of a company whose area of responsibility includes the organisation of all incoming and outgoing goods, as well as the quality assurance of the stocks. Goods of inferior quality are sorted out and missing parts are logged so that subsequent business processes are not affected. Imagine now that there would be a software that takes over exactly these activities in the context of data warehouses with regard to HANA databases.

We call the solution "ADWEKO data warehouse manager for SAP HANA"!

This is an innovative, comprehensive solution that controls, quality assures and monitors the entire loading process of the HANA data warehouse, taking into account your individual data model. The data supply is checked for data origin and relational dependencies, among other things.

Appropriate monitoring of the loading process logs and any errors in the user-friendly cockpit ensure constant transparency and simplified error analysis. Eliminate errors yourself with the help of surface-based tools and solution notes, or have them eliminated fully automatically by the integrated error correction! You have full flexibility and decide for yourself what should happen to remedy grievances.

Are you interested? Take part in the free 45-minute webinar in which we explain the benefits of the solution and present the demo live. Be curious how easy the connection is and register now!

Further information about the ADWEKO data warehouse manager for SAP HANA can be found here.