Guiding principle - We blow if it hurts

Every day we present a guiding principle of our central mission statement.
Today a guiding principle for the actions and values that our managers represent.

We blow if it hurts

The well-being of our employees is very important to us. We treat our employees with care and pay attention to their health. A good work-life balance is not disregarded despite travel in the daily work of our consultants. We offer our employees health-promoting programs, from which they can benefit privately and professionally.

Mission statement and strategy

Our ADWEKO culture is the most important anchor of our success. Especially on our growth path it is important to maintain, develop and live the values and culture as a central element of ADWEKO. For this reason, our cornerstones which make up ADWEKO and our culture have been formulated in a mission statement. For this purpose, a team of employees has joined forces to develop the ADWEKO mission statement.

We implement our vision in accordance with the values in our mission statement through strategic measures. In doing so, we measure and orientate our actions and values on the basis of the guiding principles.