Successful deployment of the ADWEKO Factory Model fort the maintenance and adjustment of SAP smart AFI

Since October 2018, together with EY we support an international US online payment service in all matters relating to the accounting solution SAP Smart Accounting for Financial Instruments (Smart AFI). ADWEKO's Factory Model is used to centrally process all incoming customer requirements in interaction with the different locations of the parties involved.


Over the past two decades, the customer has become one of the world's largest online payment services. Today, the company is doing business in over 200 countries with a veritable flood of transactional data that needs to be processed in a targeted and efficient manner. Merchants can accept payments from more than 200 countries, be paid in more than 100 currencies, transfer money to bank accounts in 56 currencies, and hold balances in accounts in 25 currencies. This global presence results in a wide range of tax and accounting requirements. In addition, the companies acquired as part of acquisitions must be integrated into the existing system landscape.

Our solution

ADWEKO supports the customer in adapting the accounting solution SAP Smart Accounting for Financial Instruments (Smart AFI) accordingly. With the help of the ADWEKO Factory Model, the customer's individual requirements are processed in sprints. Regular touch-point meetings serve to communicate progress, results and new requirements on the part of the customer in order to guarantee a permanently progressive course of the project. In the course of regular retrospectives, the cooperation between the participating teams in India, Frankfurt and the USA is continuously improved.

Our approach

The factory model of ADWEKO works simplified as follows:

  • Creation of user stories: Based on requirements resulting from email requests, ITSM tickets or project progress, user stories are created to structure the problem solving process. These consist of three main parts: Analysis, design & customization, development & go-live support.
  • Analysis: As part of our analysis, we develop problem-solving design proposals that meet the relevant business requirements.
  • Test: Once the solutions have been implemented, the team develops and runs extensive test scenarios. This ensures a smooth transition from the development environment to the customer's production systems.
  • Optimization: If optimization potentials are uncovered during the analysis and design process, the ADWEKO team describes them in its own user story and presents them to the customer for decision. The aim is always to ensure a lean and effective process flow. If required, our ADWEKO software developers can also be called upon. An example of this is the ADWEKO smart derivation comparator add-on, which enables the comparison of derivation rules across different systems and thus simplifies and accelerates the customizing process.

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