Early mover project with SAP Financial Service Data Model (SAP FSDM)

ADWEKO supports an international universal bank in setting up an integrated control platform based on SAP HANA and SAP FSDM.

  • Early Mover project of the new technology SAP FSDM (with FSDP 1.2, HANA 2.0 and PowerDesigner)
  • Generation of data relevant for reporting for the requirements from MREL
  • Development of the framework conditions (data modelling, infrastructure, developer guidelines) as a basis for further developments on the new data platform


✔ Training of internal project members in the basics of HANA 2.0, FSDM and PowerDesigner

✔ Check that the cloud solution (HEC) provided by SAP is complete

✔ Development of specifications and guidelines for the development of new SAP components

✔ Change management of the infrastructure, dialogue with SAP to ensure project success, framework concept MREL solution and IT concept, implementation and testing of solution

✔ Know-how transfer to the internal project members, development of decision-making authority in IT management, solution design for the project solution, setting the framework for a future-oriented data platform

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