Execution of a SAP Financial Products Subledger (FPSL) pre-study

Together with ARZ, ADWEKO prepared a preliminary study for the introduction of FPSL as a replacement for the heterogeneous accounting landscape.

Overview of results

  • Development of a target financial architecture based on SAP FPSL and SAP FSDP
  • Development of a transformation roadmap
  • Calculation of the resulting project costs
  • Preparation of the overall results documentation

Project approach

  • Development of a cross-architectural function localization for accounting and transformation into a target image
  • Elaboration of customer-specific structure-forming elements and consideration within the framework of various workshops


  • Division of the overall project into several building blocks and derivation of a transformation roadmap
  • Estimation of the costs of the individual building blocks and condensation to a cost calculation
  • Summary of the individual preliminary study findings and results in an overall document