SAP AFI document comparison for regression tests

Changes in SAP AFI Customizing often have unwanted effects on other products or other areas. Here it is important to analyze the effect of changes on the document level in a time-efficient manner. As part of test automation and optimization of regression tests, an AFI document comparison between different regression runs/different legal units was implemented as a customer solution. Differences between the documents were categorized according to characteristic differences, key figure differences and rounding differences. The special posting logic of the customer at field level was taken into account.

The results after the introduction of document reconciliation

  • Total impact of a change visible at a glance
  • Verifications possible to determine whether a change in the valuation of a product affects other products (unintentionally)
  • Direct effects on the documents can be determined with purely technically motivated regression tests (e.g. Support Package Upgrade)
  • Differences can be categorized as acceptable via configurable rounding tolerances (percentage and absolute)
  • Enormous time savings and increase in release quality