Conducting a preliminary study on the connection of an investment software to SAP Financial Products Subledger (FPSL) and S/4 Hana Finance

HUK has conducted a preliminary study with ADWEKO on the connection of an investment pre-system to FPSL or S/4 Hana Finance.

Overview of results

  • Analysis of business requirements and functional assignment to system components
  • Identification and evaluation of different implementation options
  • Development of a basic target architecture taking into account the desired functionalities
  • Calculation of the resulting project costs

Project approach

  • First, the existing documentation and results of previous projects were reviewed.
  • Requirements regarding evaluability, booking functionalities, etc. were developed in workshops with the business departments
  • Based on the FPSL standard functionalities and the existing data model as well as the desired functionalities, a target image was developed.
  • The target image and the adjustments to be made for FPSL were the basis for the cost calculation that was then carried out.