New: Automatic Test Portfolio Management with ADWEKO test data generator

The time-consuming identification and creation of test data has come to an end. With the new "Test Portfolio Management" module, the entire process of test preparation is automated, whether single record or mass data test, whether date-related data or complete business history.

System requirements: The add-on is compatible with the following SAP systems from the analytical finance environment: SAP Bank Analyzer (from Release 8.0), SAP Finance & Risk Data Platform, SAP Financial Product Subledger or SAP Insurance Analyzer. Or users of the modules: SAP sAFI, SAP AFI, SAP CRA, SAP IRR/RRA, SAP PA

Suitable for whom? Organizations that spend a lot of time maintaining the test portfolio and/or organizations that need test data flexibly and quickly.

What can it do? With this module you can automate not only the SAP test data creation but also the SAP test portfolio management - both the creation and the regular testing or updating. The result is an automated test data preparation for regular regression tests of the above mentioned SAP solutions.

How does it do that? The user stores a criteria catalog once for the relevant test transactions, the add-on searches the reference system automatically for these transactions and saves them or updates the portfolio with a mouse click. A manual selection or creation of the transactions is no longer necessary, because you can choose from the existing test portfolios when creating test data. The transactions contained therein are anonymized and created on the test system with all dependencies.

The functionality is now available with the latest ADWEKO test data generator Support Package 07.

We would be pleased to present the functionality in detail in a personal webinar. Send your inquiry to our product management: