Impairment according IFRS 9 and IFRS 17 – ADWEKO impairment solution

IFRS 9 Standard has been applicable to financial institutions since 1 January 2018. Insurance companies can implement the IFRS 9 standard together with IFRS 17 Standard until 2021. The calculation of risk provisioning is an important part of this.

In our numerous IFRS 9 implementation projects, we have found that the product portfolio in particular has a decisive influence on the selection of the software solution. Specialist financiers and especially insurance companies have other requirements than large commercial banks, for whose interests most of the impairment tools on the market have been developed.

Together with an insurance company, we have therefore developed a tailor-made solution for calculating risk provisions in accordance with IFRS 9, which integrates seamlessly into the SAP FAM environment.

Our solution is also featured in the latest SAP FRRidA newsletter in the form of a video:

More information about our solution can be found here: ADWEKO impairment solution