How test automation can reduce your SAP PaPM operating costs 16.07.2020

A large part of the implementation effort for SAP Profitability and Performance Management (SAP PaPM) is driven by testing requirements, as well as in later operation. In particular, regression tests after system updates are regularly scheduled and cannot be effectively managed with manual options. Market analyses have shown that although there is a large number of test software on the market, there is no standard solution that is available without a great deal of user know-how (for example, SQL programming logic) or implementation effort, or that is simply insufficient for the back-end mass testing requirements of SAP PaPM.

Participate in the free 30-minute webinar and learn more about our experience with SAP PaPM testing and our solution for effective and efficient testing in SAP PaPM.


  • Challenges and efforts in testing SAP PaPM
  • Advantages of test automation
  • Concept and live demo of our solution for PaPM test automation ADWEKO PaPM regression tester


Date: 16 July 2020, 10:00 - 10:30

Duration: 30 minutes

Training form: Webinar

Peter Heimeshoff, Product Management, ADWEKO
Christian Runde, Manager Risk Management, ADWEKO

Language: English

Target group: SAP PaPM project managers, system managers, testers

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