Full commitment in times of crisis

Even during challenging times, the ADWEKO service portfolio is available to our customers without restrictions.

Thanks to the most modern and dynamic IT infrastructure, our employees were able to switch from fixed office workstations to flexible solutions without delay and thus react quickly and efficiently to customer and internal needs and requirements.

Our customers benefit from our Shared Service and various remote solutions, such as a highly secure VPN connection and various virtualization approaches, through which our employees can support the customer's systems without restrictions.

Regular alignments of the teams (in Germany and our nearshore team in Hungary) and the close exchange with customers ensure the flow of information. As a result, topics are dealt with efficiently, in a targeted manner and without additional time expenditure.

Since we have been working with the latest technology for a long time and many of our customers have reacted quickly, we can be there for our customers with the highest level of ADWEKO-typical operational capability even during the pandemic.

In the course of the Corona crisis, many companies and customers have decided to put their business models and product portfolio to the test. ADWEKO, too, is using the current situation as an opportunity and is reacting flexibly to the current market conditions and with constant improvement of its methods and processes.

For this reason, we have brought together a highly motivated working group which is concerned with topics such as digitalisation, remote concepts, Consulting 4.0 and New Work. To this end we also engage in an open exchange of experience with our customers.

We would be pleased to keep you up to date on work results and findings through our newsletter.

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Sonja Müller
Head of Managed Services

> sonja.mueller(at)adweko.com