Financial Services Data Management (FSDM) Training

Data modeling plays an important role in obtaining information from data. The SAP Financial Services Data Management (FSDM) solution makes it possible to exchange information about different applications on the basis of a uniform data platform. FSDP with the product SAP Financial Services Data Management uses a variety of functions that are only available with the latest HANA innovations from HANA 2.0. PowerDesigner is used for data modeling and HANA XSA is used for developing applications on the FSDM stack. The openness of the platform is an essential strength, which refers both to the integrated SAP and non-SAP applications as well as to the available interface technology.

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ADWEKO has developed a training concept in order to experience the platform on the basis of Use Cases Live and to better understand the technologies. Please send your training request to

Download our training flyer and get detailed information about the training.

  • SAP FSDM Training