Fast and successful testing is not mutually exclusive - A field report with the ADWEKO PaPM regression tester

Individual developments and system updates are carried out regularly in each system. The associated test efforts are often very costly using standard means. This is especially true for SAP Performance and Profitability Management (SAP PaPM).

Is a successful regression test possible in 30 minutes with your means and procedure? With us it is! Here you can find our results of the regression test after the installation of SP09:


A system copy was made before the Support Package was installed. This provided two identical systems, each with 27 environment versions, 233 functions and 6.6 million data records.

Test procedure and result

After installing SP09, all 27 environment versions were compared between the two systems one after the other. No differences were found. The regression test was successfully completed by one person within 30 minutes. 


The ADWEKO PaPM regression tester enables a complete and fast adjustment and performance tests for different applications.

  • SAP updates and import of SAP Notes
  • SAP PaPM implementation and change projects
  • SAP PaPM Bugfixes/ Hotfixes

Our tool allows to test complete environments from the earliest point in time - on the development system directly from the developer himself.

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