More than just a home office: Family friendliness at ADWEKO

ADWEKO has received the award "Top Employer 2019 - The most family-friendly companies in Germany" and ranks 5th in the ranking of management consultancies. In an interview, Managing Director and HR Manager Waldemar Fix reveals the recipe for success for a family-oriented corporate culture.

What does "family-friendly" mean for ADWEKO?

Waldemar: A family-friendly company has to do more than just offer basics and talk about them. It has to be closer to the family itself. So, we are happy when our colleagues come to visit us with their children in our offices during their parental leave. Every year, we organize company events at which the spouses and children of our employees are very welcome to celebrate with us. Of course, we bear the entire costs.

We are constantly working on reconciling family, leisure and career, which for example includes standards such as part-time work, flexitime, sabbaticals and other work time models. We offer home office in agreement with the customer project and are working on a new remote concept. It is important for us that we respond to individual requirements and always try to find a solution. We also provide financial support in the form of subsidies for the initial equipment and child-care.

In the end, the company culture counts very much! The cohesion of the colleagues makes individual agreements in projects possible. In summary, we would like to offer a family-friendly atmosphere – both within and outside working hours – which, according to our colleagues, has been very successful so far. #ADWEKOfamily

Is it really only women who attach importance to the compatibility of family and career?

Waldemar: Not at all! The compatibility of family and career is very important for both parents. I am the father of three children and I am very happy that I can take part in my children's events and parents' evenings. This is only possible because I can rely on my colleagues and the company. We have fathers who take more than half a year of parental leave and we do everything we can to make this possible. The compatibility of family and career is extremely important for everyone involved.

"It's more fun to hold your daughter or son in your arms at night."

Waldemar Fix

Why is ADWEKO committed to a family-friendly environment?

Waldemar: With ADWEKO, the managing directors have taken up the cause of creating a place where our colleagues can realize their strengths in order to offer our customers maximum added value. This is only possible if everything is in harmony. It includes, among other things, an environment in which mothers and fathers also feel at home and want to stay. That's the place we want to offer our colleagues and are always working on improvements.

What is the special challenge in the consulting sector?

Waldemar: In addition to the many advantages and opportunities that a consultancy brings with it, there are of course challenges that are particularly aggravating for new families - mainly due to travel and travel time. Travelling is a lot of fun, but it is more fun to take your daughter or son in your arms in the evening. That's why we do everything we can to minimize travel time, in addition to the points already mentioned, to promote a work-life balance. However, this is not always possible in a consulting company as one might wish. Therefore, ADWEKO will also develop strategies in the future to be able to offer more possibilities.
It remains exciting with the ADWEKO Family!

Thank you for the interview!

Vanessa Irschik
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