DSAG AK Banking Spring Meeting 2019 Résumé

The DSAG Spring Meeting of the Banking Working Group took place on 22 and 23 May 2019. This time the focus was on current topics such as S/4HANA, Cloud and Fintechs and were lively discussed in the plenum.

Mario Sonneborn, Head of Regulation & Analytics, was present and summarizes the impressions from ADWEKO's point of view.

At this year's spring meeting, it became clear which dynamics are currently prevailing on the market, among financial service providers and software manufacturers, and which challenges are associated with this for the banks.

Florian Seeger (DZ Bank)'s valuable experience report with his presentation on the S4/HANA migration for SAP CMS should be highlighted. He showed why the greenfield approach, even if not completely "sorted", offers a meaningful process model, how to use the SAP Landscape Transformation Service and why one should use the migration for housekeeping. It also became clear how much effort and coordination is required within the bank for such an extensive migration. DZ Bank had decided to develop a prototype procedure for the migration of the other SAP systems with the delimited SAP CMS migration.

We were also particularly interested in the developments in the area of supervisory law working group. The current topics CRR II and in particular the FSPD-based reporting system were in the foreground here. Thomas Sauer-Brabänder (BearingPoint) was able to report on the progress made in the development of ERR Views (European Regulatory Reporting Views), which will in future represent the interface between FSDP and Abacus360 in an SAP banking architecture. In doing so, importance is already attached to the fact that the business data model for the reporting system is included in the official SAP FSDM framework. BearingPoint and SAP are working closely together on this prototype project. It is planned to deliver version 2.0 of the ERR Views by the end of 2020 in order to cover all bank requirements; version 1.0 will be released in August this year.

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Mario Sonneborn
Head of Regulation & Analytics

> mario.sonneborn(at)adweko.com