Work of a Managed Services Consultant - Field report Christian van de Logt

Christian joined ADWEKO on 01 January 2019 as Junior Consultant in the Managed Services division. He supports the Application Management Services team in maintenance.

When I had my first day at ADWEKO, I didn't really know what to expect.

Christian van de Logt

When I had my first day at ADWEKO in maintenance, I didn't really know what to expect. I was told things about RTB and CTB, my colleagues called the terms "CISM" and "CR" with subsequent numerical sequences. But what exactly do these terms mean and what are the tasks behind them? What does a consultant do in maintenance?

In the next few lines I have tried to answer a few of these questions.

The work of a consultant in maintenance can be divided into two task areas.

The first is called "Run the Bank" (RTB). As the name suggests, we are responsible in this area for ensuring that the banking systems function flawlessly. For example, we have to deal with faulty data records or technical problems. These can occur, for example, if different programs have to access the same data records at the same time.

We receive support in this area from our colleagues in Budapest. They have an overview of the daily processes at hand and plan additional test runs for projects, among other things. In addition, our colleagues in Budapest are responsible for monitoring the banking systems. This means that they monitor the ongoing programmes and report any discrepancies.

This area also includes analysis tasks. These are called "CISM". One of the terms that caused me headaches at the beginning. Here, for example, inconsistencies in the data sets are analyzed or questions about existing processes are answered. We are the bank's point of contact when questions arise about its processes.  

The second area is called "Change the Bank" (CTB). Here, too, the name provides information about the tasks. Over time, the bank must adapt its ongoing processes to the new legislation. For example, existing formulas must be adapted or completely new ones implemented. These are mostly minor adjustments and not large projects. You remember the last missing term from my first day? These ominous CRs are change requests. They contain the requirements for the changes to the system.

In addition, maintenance projects are also processed. All in all a very diversified and exciting task for the whole team.