Agile and innovative with Pitney Bowes

Just over a year ago, we entered into a partnership with Pitney Bowes to provide our customers with even broader support in digital transformation, data management and customer communications. In our interview with Marcus Enger, Director Alliances and Channel in Central Europe at Pitney Bowes, you can read about the concrete added value for banks and insurance companies.

ADWEKO: Mr Enger, can you briefly explain what your company does?

Enger: Pitney Bowes helps companies offer their customers an improved customer experience. On the one hand by creating the necessary uniform data basis. On the other hand, it offers new forms of communication such as interactive videos or chats that use this data. This enables our customers to increase customer satisfaction and reduce costs at the same time. This is part of the much-discussed process of digitization.

ADWEKO: Why did you choose ADWEKO as your partner?

Enger: ADWEKO impresses with a very high level of conceptual know-how coupled with the ability to put it into practice. You can feel the positive corporate culture that is lived and this is reflected in mutual respect and also respect for the customers. The decisive factor, however, was certainly the innovative strength of testing new technologies and bringing them to their customers. For example, we used a graph database integrated into one of our products at a Swiss insurance company, which greatly accelerated their implementation project.

ADWEKO: ADWEKO's industry focus is on banks and insurance companies. What concrete added value for the financial industry results from the cooperation between Pitney Bowes and ADWEKO?

Enger: Banks and insurance companies are under strong pressure to change. Above all, you have to be quick in your adaptation processes and then also agile, because the path is not always clear. ADWEKO has internalized the agile project management method and we provide the tools to support it technologically.
For example, we accepted a customer's order to set up a first iteration of a Master Data Management (MDM) system within 6 months. Previously, it had been estimated that this would take about 2 years. This is one of the concrete benefits.

It was simply fun to see how all participants pulled together.

ADWEKO: How does Spectrum technology contribute to this added value?  

Enger: Our Spectrum platform is a modern data management environment based on data storage in the form of a graph database. With a variety of connectors and prefabricated modules for data quality and many graphical development tools, projects can be implemented and, above all, changed more quickly. Spectrum thus offers the technological basis for the agility mentioned above.


ADWEKO: In your opinion, what were the highlights of the previous cooperation?

Enger: Together, we accepted the order from a German industrial company to modernize its data warehouse, which has grown over 20 years, with regard to data management. This is done in an on-shore/off-shore model at attractive conditions. However, the customer expressly requested that the project be carried out in German. With ADWEKO and Pitney Bowes resources in India we were able to establish this very quickly. It was simply fun to see all participants pulling together.

As a second highlight I see the already mentioned MDM project, in which the basis is created for a Swiss insurer to address its customers more individually and more relevantly, since all data which the insurer has about its customers is collected in an MDM and kept up-to-date in the surrounding systems.

ADWEKO: In your opinion, which topics will be in demand on the market in the near future for which we can provide exactly the right solution with the cooperation of Pitney Bowes and ADWEKO?

Enger: Particularly in the banking and insurance sectors, offers are becoming more and more similar. What is the difference between a current account and another? What about liability insurance from another? How do you manage to retain customers that you have acquired at great expense? The key point will be to offer customers experiences that inspire them. But you also have to know the customer well, i.e. bring together what you know about him at different points in the company.

This is exactly where ADWEKO and Pitney Bowes have developed an innovative offer, an agile and incremental Master Data Management System for customer data. After only a short development period, companies can use the knowledge about customers and continuously expand it.

The second trend is the automation of customer processes implicit in digitization. This also requires a good data basis - ADWEKO and Pitney Bowes can create this for their customers. There is much to do for ADWEKO and Pitney Bowes!

ADWEKO: Mr. Enger, thank you very much for the interview!

Frank Mörsch