Nearshoring without compromise for SAP Banking

It has long been no secret that cost benefits from a shoring model are often not realized to the extent hoped for, as language barriers and limited expert know-how in the shoring locations are significant cost drivers.

ADWEKO customers benefit from a fundamentally different nearshoring approach. Today, we offer managed services and product development from Hungary in the SAP banking environment - cost-effective, but also high-quality and efficient due to our unique recipe for success: German-speaking colleagues, intensive training and qualification, regular personal exchange and active integration into our processes and ADWEKO culture.

Over the past 20 years, many companies and service providers have relocated parts of their organisation from Germany to nearby or far-flung foreign countries. The main reasons for this were cost pressure and an increasing shortage of skilled workers.

In most cases, however, the challenges involved were greatly underestimated. Cultural differences and language barriers lead to inhibitions in direct and open communication within organisational units. The communication problems within the company often lead to a shadow organisation without sufficient commitment to the parent company. The associated negative effects on the efficiency and quality of processes and cooperation considerably reduce the previously optimistically calculated savings potential.

We at ADWEKO have interpreted the nearshore approach fundamentally differently and have been implementing it successfully and sustainably for more than 5 years now. True to our motto:

"Culture comes first!

Our teams in Budapest are fully integrated into the German ADWEKO organisation and work on our managed services solutions and products. Our Hungarian colleagues are an integral part of the teams and not an "extended workbench". Meetings, workshops, trainings and regular agreements take place both virtually and in person.

In addition, there is an absolute unique selling point in German-speaking countries:
In order to avoid language barriers in the first place, our Hungarian colleagues already have excellent German language skills at the time of recruitment, which are further improved with regular language training. This and our cultural proximity enable us to communicate directly and efficiently. Unnecessary translations are superfluous and the contact inhibition threshold for our colleagues and customers is virtually non-existent.

Joint events and team-building measures weld the teams together and create a unique atmosphere in cooperation that is second to none.

Certified quality standard

With the same high technical and methodical quality requirements as from Germany, we offer our ITIL-based and certified services from Hungary, with professional competence at consulting level. Our 2nd & 3rd level support is flexibly adapted to customer requirements and continuously developed proactively. Currently, we already offer a solution rate in 2nd level of over 90%. Our delivery models are adapted across all locations and can be scaled as required for customer-specific breathability.

Our nearshoring approach is thus a "best-of-both worlds" model with fully integrated German-speaking colleagues and high quality and security standards, combined with the considerable cost advantages of a nearshoring location.

Learn more about cost advantages and individual possibilities of our nearshoring model for your SAP Banking IT landscape and contact us:

Sonja Müller
Head of Managed Services and Site Manager Budapest
Email: sonja.mueller(at)