ADWEKO Interview - Our conclusion on Finance Excellence 2019

Christian Kobler, Timo Warnke, Stefan Kamp and Manuel Rauscher were guests at the Finance Excellence conference at Horváth & Partners in the conference centre of Düsseldorf Airport on 20th March 2019. The ADWEKO marketing team supported the four and asked them about their impressions.

"In the future, the finance function will assume an even more central role in companies."

Christian Kobler

What was the aim of the conference?

Timo Warnke: The event dealt with the question of how to rethink the finance function from different perspectives. Data and IT are also of far-reaching importance in the financial sector.

Christian Kobler: Many new external factors influencing the finance function give a conscientious examination of the current situation. First of all there are the changed technological possibilities and new players in the market, such as start-ups, fintechs, etc., which affect established companies. The event served to give finance managers insights into market developments.


Which topics were particularly relevant?

Stefan Kamp: For me, the presentations on my core topics Central Finance and S/4HANA Finance were particularly relevant. Frankly, I found it extremely exciting that the conference had offered several presentations and workshops.

Manuel Rauscher: I can only agree with that! I was especially excited about the presentation by our colleagues Christian and Timo on the optimization of financial processes using SAP technology.


Why did ADWEKO participate in the conference as a partner?

Timo Warnke: On the one hand, we wanted to share the experience we gained in the financial sector at banks and insurance companies with all interested parties at the conference. On the other hand, it was important for us to get in touch with representatives of various companies and industries. Other industries can definitely learn from the worries and problems, but also from the opportunities and solutions offered by banks and insurance companies. The IT systems of banks are usually more advanced than in the classic industry, so we wanted to give food for thought and take away the fear of financial products, especially with regard to derivatives.

Christian Kobler: We also wanted to contribute our industry expertise from the FS sector in an industry-wide format. Some of SAP's FS-specific solutions will be usable for all industries in the future.


What topic did you present during your lecture? What were the main topics?

Christian Kobler: The presentation dealt with the possible uses of SAP solutions for cross-industry applications. Examples and best practices of technological pioneers with high data volumes were presented. Above all, the handling and use of data from the finance sector was of great interest to the audience.


What are the advantages of this event for you personally and for the company?

Stefan Kamp: For me personally, the conference was a very interesting opportunity to make new contacts and discuss the future topics of the finance departments from a technological and non-technological point of view. The SAP solutions with SAP S/4 HANA Finance and SAP FPSL either already play an important role in many companies or are often targeted for the future. Problems of financial products in the accounting of non-financial companies, such as FX topics, were highlighted and a solution based on SAP S/4 HANA and FPSL was presented. 

Timo Warnke: In my opinion, there is some catching up to do in the area of finance in the classic industry. The questions and discussions that followed showed that the process view and the automatic mapping of the process is also a topic, as is the valuation of financial instruments. There was also a clear interest in ADWEKO's expertise and solutions. In some conversations we sensed how important it is to report on one's own practical experience and at the same time to inform oneself about the ideas of one's colleagues. 

Christian Kobler: We have certainly created a starting point for many of the subsequent discussions through our presentation. Some of the participants enthusiastically inquired about our practical examples, which we included in the presentations. One example was the use of analytical solutions to measure the driving behaviour of road users.


Was there something that particularly excited or impressed you at the conference?

Manuel Rauscher: What convinced me most today was the overall package from Horváth & Partners. The conference offered many fascinating presentations and was moderated with confidence and humour. The participants of the conference were all very open-minded, friendly and interested in mutual exchange. For me, as a relatively inexperienced conference participant, this was an important insight.


How do you judge the day? Was it successful?

Christian Kobler: For me, the conference including dinner the evening before was definitely a success! Due to our experience in the financial sector, it was interesting and amazing to see the situation of the other industries. On the one hand, we were able to learn from this and on the other hand we point out possible solutions. I was very pleased with the successful exchange and the numerous discussions and am already looking forward to the next edition of the conference. 



Thank you very much for your time and this comprehensive insight!