ADWEKO data staging & orchestration for SAP HANA

As part of the SAP Expert Partnership for the SAP Financial Services Data Platform (SAP FSDP), ADWEKO is working intensively on the integration of data from customers' systems into the SAP HANA Data Warehouse. The resulting solution approaches run under the project title "ADWEKO data staging & orchestration for SAP HANA".

The primary task of our solution is to ensure the integrity of the data in the data warehouse. For this purpose, it accesses the information available in the data model of the data warehouse. In this way, the temporal, referential and semantic integrity of the data to be loaded can be checked before incorrect information is processed, which would then be immediately visible in all reports due to the virtualization of reporting.

Temporal Integrity

Often the data comes to a semantic entity from different sources, and in large enterprises also from different time zones. Time coordination ensures that the data is transferred to the HANA Data Warehouse at the right time. This makes it possible to inform end users when their data and reports are available.

Referential integrity

Reporting in the HANA Data Warehouse links the data of the individual entities with each other. If, for example, the business partner data for a contract does not exist due to a delayed delivery, this can lead to inconsistencies in the reports. These situations must be recognized before delivery to the data warehouse in order to react appropriately.

Semantic Integrity

The data model (e.g. the SAP Financial Services Data Platform) often contains extensive information about which attribute values are permitted. Additional value restrictions (a validity end must be after the validity start) can also be stored there. This information should be used during data delivery to carry out a final evaluation of the quality of the delivered data and, if necessary, to retain the load.

ADWEKO uses its many years of experience in setting up data warehouses for financial services and the comprehensive knowledge gained from its partnership with SAP for the SAP Financial Services Data Platform to enable a planned structure and smooth operation of the data platform.

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