Latest awards

Simply excellent - ADWEKO has already received several awards for our committed performance as an employer. This is always a great incentive for us to give our employees the best in order to continue to be an excellent employer.

Great Place to Work

After our first participation in 2018, ADWEKO has been awarded as one of the best employers for the second time in a row in the "Germany's Best Employers" competition of Great Place to Work®. ADWEKO achieved 19th place in the competition "Germany's Best Employers", as well as 5th place in the category "Best Employers in Baden-Württemberg" and 7th place as "Best Employers in Consulting".

Growth champion

ADWEKO has been awarded the title "Growth Champion 2019" for the second time after 2018 by Focus Business magazine and Statista. The most important selection criterion here was the high percentage growth in turnover between 2014 and 2017. We are particularly proud of 10th place in the category "Corporate, legal and tax consultancy".

TOP Employer middle class

For the second time in a row, ADWEKO is awarded the title of "TOP Employer Medium-sized Businesses" in 2019 by Focus Business. With a top 30 ranking, ADWEKO is one of the best and also most attractive employers in medium-sized businesses. The award is based on the employer ratings of the approximately 750,000 companies from the employer rating portal

TOP Employers - The most family-friendly companies in Germany

Germany's leading women's magazine freundin and the rating platform kununu voted ADWEKO into 5th place among Germany's most family-friendly companies in 2019 in the management consultancy sector. The award was based on the votes of the employees of around 175,000 German companies from the employer rating portal More than 2,000,000 employer ratings were included in the study.

Top Company and Open Company

For us, regular exchange and communication at eye level with our own employees as well as with potential applicants is very important. For this reason, we are committed to and attach great importance to an authentic employer appearance and are open to employee and applicant feedback.