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Implementation of Expected Credit Loss (ECL) calculation

ADWEKO assists the Münchener Hypothekenbank in the conception and technical implementation of the ECL calculation.

Web-based analysis tool for investment funds

ADWEKO supports the NBank with the help of a web-based analysis and reporting application in presenting the performance of the Mikromezzaninfonds...

ADWEKO act at Nord/LB

ADWEKO act serves at Nord/LB as a basis for efficient tests within the framework of the introduction of the AFI subledger scenario.

Who we are

ADWEKO is a leading consulting firm for analytical solutions for banks and insurance companies. Our portfolio covers consulting services, managed services and software development.

„You learn to know a pilot in a storm“

Lucius Annaeus Seneca

SAP FSDP Fachvortrag am SAP-Forum für Banken und Versicherungen

Christian Kobler präsentiert dieses Jahr auf dem SAP Forum während eines 30-minütigen Vortrages...

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